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> Types of Fraud

Lottery Scam is clasified to be one of the top leading type of fraud. In the beginning you will receive an e-mail which let's you know you have won the lottery. In order to collect the money you've won, you will have to follow the steps described in the received "letter", for example to reply at the e-mail by filling the form provided in the letter with your personal information. This is just to make the victim feel that the situation is as real as possible while the main idea behind this at the end is to steal a certain amount of money from you. The next step is when you have replied to the e-mail with your personal information and this is where the scammer will contact you again by e-mail or by phone asking you for an amount of money (the reason for this can be: paying the gouvernamental tax or assurance that you are the person which filled the form data/information). Usually the method of payment for this tax will require to be completed via an instant wire transfer service like Western Union or Money Gram.

Lottery Scam Example:

Replica Store Scam is a virtual shop (website) with replicas that are made after the original models of watches originating from the top leading companies such as: Rolex, Citizen, Tissot, Cartier etc. This website may seem professionally designed and implemented, taking care of every detail while having lots of products like: many watches, clear high-quality pictures etc. The payment is done through Credit Card being one of the most secured and used method. After the transaction is made by Credit Card, in short time you will receive an e-mail in which is claimed that the transaction couldn't be effectuated with the Credit Card that was filled and that you will be informed about other ways of making the payment. These ways may consist of "instant payment", for example Western Union or Money Gram. Once the money was sent and the scammer successfully pick-up and retrieve them, you cannot get them back anymore and no refund will be made. REMEMBER: Please be advised and aware that the scammer will have all your Credit Card information; reason that the transaction was couldn't be effectuated is a lie from the scammer having the purpose to get as many goods from the victim.

Replica Store Scam Example:

Canadian Pharmacy Scam is an online virtual shop that provides various pills, for example: Viagra Cialis Levitra and many more. You can get in contact with these websites through unsolicited type of messages received in your e-mail, such as SPAM or by advertising/banners available on other (malicious) websites. The price for these products is usually very small on these type of websites in order to catch as many buyers as it can. The payment is requested to be made via an instant type of money transaction system like Western Union or MoneyGram. The money once sent and picked-up by the scammer can no longer be recovered. No refund is made available through these services. The countries from which this type of scam is most frequent practiced can be one of the following: Canada, followed by USA and UK.

Canadian Pharmacy Scam Example:

Nigerian 419 Scam is still a functional method which in most cases it is performed by nigerians. The "419" number makes reference to the "Nigerian Criminal Code" dealing with fraud. This type of fraud is made through unrequested messages known as SPAM via e-mail, where the content of the e-mail is a very convincing one. Usually the message that the SPAM is containing, is to send in advance an amount of money through instant money transfer services like Western Union, Money Gram or through Bank using the Wire Transfer method. After the transfer has been made, the money cannot be recovered. This method was once used through fax as well, but nowadays it is only propagated through e-mail.

Nigerian 419 Scam Example:

Online Auction Scam is used on auction or bidding related websites, for example: eBay, Craiglist, Kijiji, Alibaba where scammers put for auction products that does not belong to them. Usually the price of these products is very low in order to attract as much clients as possible. Those products are usually posted (put up) from older website's client accounts that have feedback points in order to show the reputation (trust) of the seller.

Romance Scam is a popular method that is often met on dating or social networking service websites such as Facebook and HI5. The scammer makes fake accounts with either an attractive woman or a man from which he (the scammer) makes contact with either a man or a woman (the scammers victims). This type of scam implies a romantic intent shown to the victim and letting the scammer to gain access to confidential information related to the money, credit card, bank account, e-mail password etc., of the victim. It may take up to several months until the scammer will establish a strong emotional relationship with the victim. Usually, the victim is fooled that he or she will be visited by the scammer, but promises like these will never happen, instead money will be asked for several reasons: health issues, to pay the rent etc. promising using the same techniques that the money will be returned. Method used to send the money is made through Instant Wire Transfer service like Western Union or Money Gram mainly because the scammer can make use of fake IDs to pick up the money and not get caught.

Fake Job Scam is the method by which the scammer sends an unsolicited e-mail known as SPAM to the victim promising a very well payed legal job. Content of e-mail includes a form which has to be completed by the victim with personal information like full name, address, SSN and so on, sending them back to the so called "employer" which in reality it is represented by the scammer. The victim is contacted once again and asked to pay a small fee or tax for assurance. The money once sent by the victim cannot be reclaimed.